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Broiler ground raising equipmentIntroduction of hen farming:

Broiler ground feeding system for poultry farm consists of a driving motor, a hopper,a conveying pipe,auger, feeder pans,a suspension lifting device, an anti perching device and a feeder senor.The main function of the system is to deliver the feed from the hopper into each feeder pan to ensure the eating of broiler and automatic control the conveying opening and closing of the motor by a feed sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.

Features of poultry farming:

  1. Time saving, labour saving, one person is enough for one chicken house.
  2. Increasing chicken living rate.
  3. High quality to ensure non stopping running of your houses.
  4. Competitivelycheap price.

More images of broiler cage system:

chicken coop plans
chicken coop plans
battery cage system for broilers
battery cage system for broilers

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