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Automatic manure removal machineApplication of manure remove machine:

Automatic manure removal machine can be used for the collection of poultry and livestock manure in cages and online raising. Automatic manure removal machine can also be used for material collection in the factory floor production line.

Use installation conditions of Automatic manure removal equipment:

  1. The traction mainframe should be installed outdoors. The height of the installation platform should be basically the same as the horizontal level of the manure tank. The basic width of the scraping board is 1.8 meters, and the special width can be customized.
  2. The depth of the manure tank is more than 30cm. The two walls and the bottom are required to be relatively straight, and there is no obstacle in the manure.
  3. The mounting parts of the main unit and the corner can be pre-buried and installed firmly.
  4. Install and connect the wiring according to the installation diagram provided by the manufacturer.

Structural features of chicken manure removal machine:

1, unmanned management can be realized, and the feces can be cleaned regularly, and the time can be set arbitrarily;

2, temporary temporary cleaning, easy and fast operation, automatic manual conversion;

3, grade power transmission, increase friction, strong power;

4, 8 round scraping board design, scraper automatic retracting, adjustable board position, small friction, clean feces clean;

5, 220V single-phase power supply and 380V three-phase power supply output optional;

6, a host can run 1-4 scraping manure board, * long scraping manure stroke 140 meters, steel rope and polypropylene rope traction method optional.

Automatic manure removal machine
Scrapper manure cleaning machine

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