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Automatic egg collection system
egg collection system price

Features of  egg collection system price:

  1. The layered structure mode effectively saves the main machine production cost of the vertical egg collecting machine, has reasonable structure and convenient operation, and is more suitable for small and medium-sized laying hen houses.
  2. The transmission mechanism of the soft broken egg filter system adopts chain and sprocket drive, and the transmission is stable.
  3. Driven by a hollow turbine reducer with high transmission efficiency, which ensures the smooth operation of the egg conveyor belt to prevent the conveyor belt from slipping and deviation. The conveyor belt is made of high quality materials, with good wear resistance and long life.
  4. The power distribution system is designed by national standard electrical appliances, designed by professional electrical engineers, saving manpower and easy management. It can also design various electrical control systems according to the needs of users.

Application of poultry production egg collection system:

Quail eggs for small and medium-sized egg houses, three-tiered, four-layer egg cages, egg collection systems for laying hens.

poultry egg collection system configuration:

set egg host, egg collection system, soft broken egg filter system, egg belt and egg belt drive system, egg front collection system, power distribution system.

chicken egg collection system
chicken egg collection system
diy egg collection system
diy egg collection system



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