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Automatic egg collection system

Automatic egg collection system
Automatic egg collection system

The egg collection system produced by Norde, a professional chicken cage manufacturer in China, is mainly used in laying hen farms and breeder farms.
Chicken cage egg collection system using elevator conveyor

Chain + U type set claw
● Powerful egg-gathering knife: 12,000/hour;
●The conveyor chain has a simple structure, stable and reliable, and easy to maintain;
●The direction of the eggs in the delivery is unchanged, and the eggs are broken.

Chicken cage egg collection system
Chicken cage egg collection system

Egg slowing device of Automatic egg collection system
Slow down the rolling speed of the eggs from the elevator to the central collection egg when collecting eggs, reduce the impact force, and reduce the egg breaking rate.

Round rod conveyor of Automatic egg collection system
Clean the eggs in the roll and adjust the direction of the eggs; each layer has a collection tray to collect soft shell eggs and dirt;
The egg guiding device ensures that the eggs are evenly distributed on the elevator egg collecting system, and there is no pile falling off.

Automatic egg collection system
Automatic egg collection system

Egg buffer capacity on both sides of the cage
Make sure that the eggs are smoothly rolled onto the longitudinal collection belt;
Let the moisture of the fresh eggshells evaporate on the bottom net to reduce the dust and feathers on the surface of the eggshell;
The number and frequency of quail eggs can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

High quality PP egg collection (with and without holes)
Low elongation, which is less affected by temperature changes;
Antibacterial adhesion, antistatic, no ash.

Egg collection system
Egg collection system

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