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Automatic egg collecting machine system

Automatic egg collecting machine system  is an important part of the automated equipment for laying hens. Automatic egg collecting machine system   realizes the automation of egg collection and delivery. Suitable for large-scale farm scale chicken laying.  Automatic egg collecting machine system  structure design is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, and effectively saves human resources. It is combined with automatic drinking water system, automatic cleaning system, automatic feeding system, light control system and automatic temperature control system to greatly improve the automation of the laying hen culture.

Automatic egg collecting machine system 
Automatic egg collecting machine system

The automatic egg picking machine and the system thereof comprise an introduction device, an egg picking device, a derivation device, a buffer device, a conveying device, a chain gear, and a lifting chain, wherein the egg picking device is connected in parallel by the plurality of claw groups on the lifting chain Each of the group of claws is connected in series by a plurality of claws through a coupling shaft, and the two ends of each of the group of claws are respectively connected to the side block that prevents the egg from slipping out through the joint shaft, and the edge block passes through the side A buckle is fixed to the lifting chain. The large automatic egg collecting system comprises a plurality of the automatic egg collecting device and the conveying device, and the conveying device comprises an egg conveying rod, a sprocket, a driving chain and an egg tray; the plurality of automatic egg collecting devices are along The direction of movement of the drive chain of the conveyor is placed on one or both sides of the conveyor. The device and system have anti-egg drop and breakage functions, which can reduce manpower and material expenditure, and are suitable for large chicken farms.

The large automatic egg collecting system
The large automatic egg collecting system

Features of The large automatic egg collecting system:
1. The whole set of equipment is corrosion resistant and has a long service life;
2. High feed density, small floor space, land saving, high degree of intensification, and good economic benefits;
3. It has automatic feeding, collecting eggs, drinking water and cleaning system, saving manpower and improving labor productivity;
4. Saving feed, it will also reduce the emergency response of laying hens, save water, low egg breaking rate, and reduce the pollution of feces to the environment;
5. Applicable to all types of chicken houses (open, semi-open and closed).

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