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First, when the Automatic poultry feeder for broiler is started, it is best not to put things on it. In this case, the pressure on the motor is too high and the motor is burned out.
Second, check if the belt is intact and there is looseness. The material of the material conveyor is to convey the material by the leather belt. Only the belt can be used normally to fully exert the production performance of the machine, and the operation volume can reach the maximum.

Automatic feeding system for chickens
Automatic feeding system for chickens

Third, because the various parts of the Automatic chicken feeder system using microcontroller are connected by gears and chains, it is necessary to ensure the maximum lubrication of the gears and chains, so that the machine will not be damaged due to lack of lubrication.
4. Because of the large amount of dust generated during the production of feed, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the control box of the feeding machine. The dust will short-circuit the internal circuit and damage the electrical circuit and other components, so it should be cleaned at intervals. Look at the dust in the control box.
5. The main power of the feeding machine is the motor. The motor has a power motor and a geared motor. (Because the motor speed is very high, the gear motor must be used to decelerate when transmitting power). Check if the power motor and geared motor are abnormal at the time of use. The motor should be maintained in a timely manner, such as: adding gear oil to the gear of the reducer.

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