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In today’s chicken industry, many users are using poultry cages equipment to raise chickens. Chicken cages have many advantages, allowing farmers to save space, increase the use of chicken houses, and chickens in chicken cages. Feeding in the cage can also be easy to manage, but in the process of breeding, you should pay attention to some problems before you can complete the chicken cage and raise the chicken. The following small series will tell you the advantages and concerns of the poultry cages for sale:

poultry cages for sale
poultry cages for sale

1. poultry cages for sale are used in multi-layer cages, so it is necessary to raise three or four times more chickens than the flat raises, so that the farmers can add benefits from the quantity, and the chickens grow and produce in the cage. It is more convenient for the farmers to handle the chickens, and the clean environment of the chicken houses can also be very good.

2, in the chicken cage chicken process, the chicken does not directly touch the stool, so cage can greatly reduce the disease caused by fecal infection, reduce the incidence of disease, and convenient handling of stool.

3. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens allows the chickens to have enough feeding and drinking water to ensure that each chicken can get reasonable drinking and feeding, so that the uniformity of the chickens is very good.

4, the labor intensity of the decline of the households, if the use of flat raising is not only the number of raising and the households can not handle it, although the use of cages, although the number is added, but the chickens are not hindered in the cage to facilitate the farmers to carry out Feeding, although the added labor intensity has decreased.

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