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Advantages of cascading broiler cages

With the growing number of breeding broiler breeding farms, the broiler cages of breeding equipment are also endless, with cascading, stepped, etc. Nowadays, the more types used are Poultry Farm H type Broiler Chicken Cages, which can be cultured in cascading broiler cages. What are the advantages of cascading broiler cages compared to other types of broiler cages? What are the specifications? The broiler cage manufacturer Norde will come to you for your answer.

Poultry Farm H type Broiler Chicken Cages
Poultry Farm H type Broiler Chicken Cages

H type chicken broiler cage Broiler RaisingCage advantages:

H type chicken broiler cage Broiler RaisingCage
H type chicken broiler cage Broiler RaisingCage

1. The cassified broiler cage is full of hot-dip galvanizing process, corrosion-resistant and has a service life of more than 20 years;
2, Q235 material, large elasticity, not easy to bend.
3, high-density breeding to save land, about 70% of the land saved by the ladder;
4. Centralized management, saving energy and resources, using advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy and improve labor productivity;
5. Save space and increase the stocking density to 60/m2;
6, the unique cage door design, effectively prevent the head from swaying and wasting feed when the chicken is eating.
7. The conveyor belt type clearing waste is used to dry the chicken manure into granular shape, reduce environmental pollution, and the reuse rate of chicken manure is high;
8, ecological and environmental protection, is the most ideal feeding equipment for green chicken and environmentally friendly egg products.

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