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The advantages of the four-layer stereo cage are: (1) high stocking density. (2) Investment province, steel consumption is small. (3) It is convenient to operate and overhaul.

The disadvantages of the four-layer three-dimensional cage are: (1) The equipment manufacturing and installation requirements are relatively high, especially the high level and precision. (2) The time of getting started is slower and the installation costs more.

H Type Battery Chicken Layer Cage
H Type Battery Chicken Layer Cage

The handling of some items in the four-layer three-dimensional cage is more difficult. Such as scraping manure is the most troublesome problem. Nowadays, the Star Turkey Farm has been improved several times with the use of belt scraping and washing and scraping the manure belt. Another example is drinking water equipment. Spark is now using a sink type. It is a long and laborious way to clean the sink every day. It is best to replace it with a nipple drinker.

In general, Zhongzhou animal husbandry believes that the structure and method of cages should be roughly the same except that the structure of the house should be considered for ventilation and warming according to the climatic conditions of each place. Stereotype design and fixed-point production should be organized, which will enable future construction units to reduce detours, save costs, reduce losses, accelerate the process of mechanized chicken raising, and contribute to the gradual popularization of mechanized chicken farm construction and the acceleration of agricultural mechanization.

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